About Coco

We are pretty excited to welcome Coco, our beautiful Swan 54, into the family!  She was launched on September 21, 2018 from Nautor’s yard in Jakobstad Finland and we are currently sailing her back to New Zealand.

So what’s she like? Designed as getting nearer the big end for a yacht that can sensibly be sailed over long distances by two people, the Swan 54 is a beautiful top quality fast cruising yacht. This design, which comes from the board of German Frers, is serious blue water cruiser.

Coco just after launch and minus a mast

The design delivers a high spec, solidly built, moderate displacement yacht with more of a deep V hull form than many of today’s relatively flat-bottomed cruising boats. That means, for long distance sailing, the boat will lie more quietly at anchor, with less tendency to shear around in strong gusts, and the motion at sea is softer and more comfortable, especially when the wind gets up…

SWAN 54 INTERIORS-146Going below decks is no hardship! The standard of joinery and finish is top notch, but this is not a traditional dark and dank old style interior – natural light pours in through coach roof windows, overhead hatches and hull windows. If you come sailing with us, you won’t be relegated to a hammock with a sleeping bag… The berths are wide, comfortable with plenty of storage space. And yes, it has a shower, (no smelly crew – yay!). We’ve equiped her for comfortable and safe long distance sailing with a fresh water making system, generator and inverter, aircon, microwave, dishwasher and washer / drier. We’ve even had a dive compressor installed to keep the bottles full!

449A3035When it comes to sailing, this is where the Swan comes into its own. Its fast, and high quality. The deck layout optimised for more serious sailing than that of many cruising yachts of this size. We’ve gone full carbon mast, boom and rigging (flash bro), winches are electric, self furling jib, B&G Zeus navigation (with AIS), radar and autopilot.


Overall, a lot of thought has gone into the design, there’s a great standard of finish, and the hull shape drawn to prioritise handling under sail and comfort at sea over interior volume.  And lets face it, she’s just hot!

So where in the world are we at the moment? Click on this link and you’ll get our AIS tracker.


Swan SailingLOA: 16.48m
Length waterline: 14.40m
Beam: 4.75m
Draught: 2.44m
Displacement: 22,000kg
Ballast: 8,200kg;
Sail area (main + jib): 149sq m
Fuel: 600 litres
Water: 670 litres

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