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This story is about Alex & Jacqui’s epic adventures around the world – overland and overwater.  Home is New Zealand when we aren’t travelling, which to be fair, we’ve done a lot of over the years; but we started our real passion for some more interesting globetrotting adventures when we bought an Expedition fitted out Land Rover Defender 110 in the UK in August 2016.  Her name is Gabby.

After an amazing trip around Iceland and Scotland we’ve shipped Gabby back to New Zealand for some adventures in our homeland before we attack new countries (an outback trip through Australia is next on the list!).

Just to keep things exciting, we’ve done a couple of epic sailing / diving trips through Indonesia around the Komodo National Park and a 1200 nautical mile sail through the Banda Sea via the Spice Islands and into southern Raja Ampat.  Wow is all I can say.

So anyway, now we’ve caught the sailing bug so watch out!

If you have the inclination follow us on our journey perhaps it will inspire you to go and do something that you never really thought you’d do.  Being grown-up’s and travelling the world is a hell of a way to have fun!

“You’re off to great places.  Today is your day.  Your mountain is waiting so get on your way”

Don’t wait up, we could be some time…

Happy travels.

Alex & Jacqui.

A bit more about Alex…

As wee fella in rural New Zealand I spent my time by the ocean sailing and learning the ways of the land and the sea.  I could free dive at 4, I learnt to scuba, my dad taught me how to tack, jibe and drop an anchor.  I learnt to drive in a 1969 Land Rover at the age of 8 and rode dirt bikes for fun.  A bit of surfing came later.  Excellent life skills I figure.  On the path to growing up (did I make that goal?) I tried various things; school – hmmm that was okay I guess: trained to be a farmer – not really for me: travelling, a lot – excellent: tech industry – did okay at that and still play around in software company.  Now I find myself in a position to do cool stuff.  I did cool stuff when I was younger, but just not this cool.  Bless all you young folk out there Instagraming your arse’s off to try and get likes and free stuff – but that’s not really an adventure.  I love the mountains, I love the ocean, I care about the environment.  I take photos, I ski, I scuba dive, I drive a Land Rover, I sail, I surf, I live my life; no sponsor’s, just adventure.

Alex Morcom

And Jacqui, the reason in life!

I’ve been trying to get my wife to write a profile on herself – fail.  I suspect she’s busy planning an adventure!  Let’s watch this space 🙂



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