About Gabby

Gabriella (or Gabby for short) is our Expedition 110 Land Rover Defender we had built in the UK in 2016.  She’s amazing.  Gabby is set up for overland expeditions with all the bells and whistles and a rooftop tent that we love!

We were pretty lucky to get Gabby; she’s one of the last Land Rover Defenders made, so to get a new one as a starting point to build a serious expedition wagon was a scoop. She’s done some miles, in some really interesting places and hasn’t let us down.  She’s tough, reliable and a real pleasure to drive. If you haven’t ever owned a Land Rover Defender, you need to before you die…

Gabby’s technical stuff

For those technically minded, here is the list of mods we had done: Terrafirma 16″ bead lock rims and BFG 285/75/16 tires. Old man emu plus 2″ H D suspension with Koni Raid heavy duty shock absorbers. Heavy duty front prop shaft with double carbon UJ’s.  Full under-body bash plates. Full external roll cage with Hannibal safari roof rack (for extra fuel, water, camping gear, tools) and Hannibal roof tent and spider awning.  Front mounted Lazer Lamp light bar and rear facing flood light.  Raised air intake and wading kit. D44 Winch Bumper, Warn Xeon 10s Winch & Plasma Rope.  Front heavy duty CVs, half shafts, rear HD half shafts drive flanges and centre limited slip differential.  Front and rear ARB locking differentials / HD compressor.  Vortex stainless fuel efficient performance exhaust.  Hi Flow Intercooler.  Bespoke ECU reconfiguration (that’s a performance chip).  Twin dry cell batteries, split charger unit.  GPS vehicle tracking, satphone, security stuff, emergency stuff, two spare wheels, self recovery gear and a heap of spare parts and lots more to make it look super cool.

Land Rover Defender 110 Expedition

So, were in the world are we?

This page will link you to the GPS tracker in Gabby so you can see where we are at any given time in the world!  Its really just here so that if some scum-bag nicks our wagon we can find them…  Anyway, happy stalking.  Click here to find Gabby


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