The route

We spent a lot of time on this.  We printed out a world map a drew a line on it.  What a plan…  Phase one of the trip will be to arrive in the UK late August 2016, collect the “beast” (more to come on this) and head to Iceland.  We’ll stop in at the Faroe Islands on the way back to Europe then head south through France for a lap around Spain.  From there we plan to head around Greece, Italy, then maybe up through Eastern Europe, across into Russian (Turkey is out, they had a coup…), south into Kazakhstan, Mongolia, through China, around India, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, with last stop Australia.  Still considering North & South America so the wagon may go on a boat from Australia and head north!  We figure the trip will take us a few years on and off with trips back home to be a little responsible…  Maybe…  Andiamo!

Disclaimer – we reserve the right to change the route at a moments notice!

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