Time to roll

4 days in London, a trip to Maidenhead to inspect and sign over the Land Rover (Gabriella!), shopping forced upon us by the kids (relief medication applied in local pubs), a couple of nice runs around the city – but now it’s time to leave.  London has been experiencing a “heatwave” and we all know that just makes the place smell, especially the tubes…  Perhaps I’m getting old but I think London is overrated!

On to more important things; back to Maidenhead in the morning with the team to collect Gabriella and then we hit the road.  Dreaming of mountains and remote spaces in Iceland!  We drive to Harwich and stay there tomorrow night then onto the ferry Tuesday morning for Holland. Mmmm Amsterdam…

The Expedition Land Rover is looking legend.  Drives like a dream, pimped like a porn star. Christmas came early.  Thanks Santa! (it isn’t me who is going to eat your reindeer, promise).  Bob; to you and the team at Nene Overland, thank you.  Love your work.

2 Comments on “Time to roll

  1. Hello my friends! seems a lot has already happened since you left under a week ago,”Now let the adventure begin”. Can’t wait to view posts of your intrepid journey through Iceland….. feel like I just experienced an intrepid journey through the weekend!

    LOL Joey xxxxx


  2. Enjoying reading this, keep it up. Nothing new to report on Dad, but he’s keeping very well xxx


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