Santa’s gonna be pissed…

Yep, it’s confirmed.  They do actually shoot reindeer in Iceland.  Approx 6,000 total population and they nail around 1300 of them every year (bring on the Blitzen Burger).  I met a guy who had just contributed to this “population control”.  And yes, for the record, I have tried it.

The sensitive side of me would suggest to you that I am appalled with this abuse of Santa’s little sleigh pullers.  But I’m just not that sensitive.  It tastes good, really good.

Anyway, we have now left North Eastern Iceland where the hiking is good, the sheep are abundent and the drying fish heads stink.   Tried fermented shark (tastes like Janola) washed down by their local schnapps (rebranded rocket fuel).  Disgusting.  Now heading into the volcanic wonderland on the central highlands.  Off the grid we go!

One Comment on “Santa’s gonna be pissed…

  1. You heart less bastard Alex!!! Looks like the journey is well under way….Enjoy being off the grid! LOL Joey


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