Men are from Mars…

If I was ever going to make a movie about aliens, hobbits or any elfin like creature, the south central highlands of Iceland would be my set.  It’s totally stunning.  Volcanic, steaming, raw, lava fields.  And contrast in the landscape like I’ve never seen before.  It’s a cinematographer’s dream come true.  Peter Jackson picked the wrong country me thinks.  We spent a couple of days in a hut at Landmannalaugar (try and pronounce that correctly after a couple of beers) hiking and soaking in thermally heated rivers.  Apart from the really bad freeze dried dinners it was all good!

The drive out was legend; 28 river crossings and torrential rain.  I love Land Rover Defenders.  They are built for this shit.  Now on the south coast where there are so many awesome glaciers it makes the Fox look like a Popsicle.  More to come on that.

6 Comments on “Men are from Mars…

  1. I hope all these writings and photos will be going into a book when you get home?  It’s fantastic that you’re sharing your adventures xx Mum and Dad


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