Beannachd leat Scotland!

We leave you with a smile on our faces Scotland. Thank you for having us.  We discovered some beautiful landscapes, some great people and a few items ticked off the bucket list:

  • Haggis and black pudding – delicious.
  • Wonderful seafood – fish, oysters, langoustine, lobsters, crab, Shetland mussels.
  • Other game delights – venison, pigeon, duck, partridge, hare, ox tongue.
  • Found the MacPherson clan home, kilt in their colours ordered!
  • The whiskey, what more can I say.  Yum.
  • It rained, a lot.

Had a couple of nights in Edinburgh before heading south, what a great city.  I didn’t realise that clan McDonald was so prominent there, they had their branding everywhere?  Had a lovely drive south through the Lake District and Yorkshire, beautiful English countryside.  Now preparing for the trip home.  It’s time to go…

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