New Zealand in my soul

It’s kinda funny. We travel the world hunting down great adventures, amazing places and new experiences. Sometimes we forget the backyard, and what we have here in our little country that the rest of the world craves.  It’s pretty safe here, we have a good life, Donald doesn’t live here, the bad guys don’t even know where we are (yet, including Donald) – and it’s beautiful. So I thought I’d share my two most recent pieces of coolness; here in New Zealand. Places that take a bit of effort, like any adventure should, but they are here in my backyard.

The first photo is really in the middle of nowhere, Fiordland National Park, high up in the mountains (if you want to go there, you’ll have to ask me for deets), and the second is in the hills behind St Bathans in the South Island (go the the Vulcan Hotel for a beer, it’s super cool and apparently haunted, that’s even cooler) near Poolburn Dam. You need a 4WD and a trout rod. It’s beautiful.  New Zealand and adventures, not a bad place to be planning the next one.  Happy days.

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