Selamat tinggal, Amandira

Amandira, a two-masted sailing ship measuring 52 metres from bow to stern, was handcrafted by the Konjo tribe and launched in 2015. The ship, a traditional Phinisi vessel, built to represent the ancient romance of the spice trade, is a truely magnificent piece of work.

We’ve just spent a week with Justin and his crew sailing the vibrant waters of Komodo National Park in Indonesia. I have to say, this is one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever done. The team onboard were amazing, the diving was some of the best I’ve experienced and getting off the boat was indeed a depressing moment in my life (sorrows drowned in wine).

But all is not lost, we’ve booked to return in October for a great adventure, a two week expedition to the Spice Islands. Can’t wait. It’s super remote and not that many people are lucky enough to explore this region of Indonesia. So Selamat tinggal Amandira (goodbye in Bahasa), we will see you again soon.


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