The planning – phase one: Iceland

It’s easy, a bottle of wine, a snifter of scotch (nectar from the lap of the Gods according to my grandmother), a highlighter and another printout of a map. We love Google, a lot.  Iceland; sorted. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Collect the Defender from Nene Overland in the UK week of August 29, 2016
  • Depart Hirtshals Denmark 03 September, 2016 (car ferry).
  • Arrive Seydisfjordur Iceland 06 September, 2016.
  • Side trip for a week to the Faroe Islands on return ferry
  • Estimated trip duration 3 – 4 weeks



One Comment on “The planning – phase one: Iceland

  1. Ok, I have my bottle of red on hand, now all I need is a GPS tracking link to follow the action from the security of my armchair. Onward!


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