A month to go…

Mild panic is starting to set in.  It’s only a month until we fly out of Auckland with Emirates on August 24th through to London.  We’ll spend a couple of nights there before heading up to Nene Overland in Peterborough to pick up Gabriella (the Land Rover) on the 29th. Okay, I don’t have formal approval for the name but Gabby just seems to work!  Time will tell (and so will my wife).

Three of the kids (Johnny, Georgie & Sophia) are joining us on the first leg through Iceland and then a couple of weeks in Europe before they come back home.  They are very excited!  Bella can’t join us unfortunately – exams… (and a month in Peru with World Challenge just completed!).

CatWe have the ferry booked on August 30th from Harwich to Hook of Holland, then we’ll spend the night in Amsterdam before heading north towards Hirtshals in Denmark to catch our ferry to Iceland on September 3rd.  So much to do in so little time…

Oh shit, who is going to feed the cat???

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