A morning on the Faroe Islands

This place is beautiful.  Raw, dramatic, moody landscape.  I can’t imagine how hard life is here.  Especially in the winter!  It was totally worth the 4:30am start to see such an awesome part of the world.  We headed straight to the northern part of the second largest island, Eysturoy.  Through the early morning gloom the most wonderful landscape appeared.  The village of Gjogv was a our first stop on the northeast tip then across to Eioi on the west coast.  The most stunning place was Saksun on the main Island of Streymoy.  Beautiful little village and a great drive to get there.  Finished up by heading south to Kirkjubour which has the oldest still inhabited wooden houses in the world.  Back on the ferry now for the last leg to Iceland.  Arrive there 8am tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Some Faroe Islands photo porn below.

3 Comments on “A morning on the Faroe Islands

  1. What a stunning place ! Keep up the photos and comments – we really look forward to them xxx


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