Rain drops aren’t falling on my head!

Sicily, home to some 5m Italians.  Relaxed mix of Mediterranean Greek / Aribic feel and amazing seafood; you are a welcome respite from the rainy days of Iceland!  It’s a cultural lunch to be back in Italy.  Crap trip here, thanks Alitalia for the unscheduled stay in a shitty hotel in Rome.  “You will be our guests for the night” was not what we needed to hear from the transit desk after arriving late on their delayed flight.  Landed in Palermo a day late, picked up the rental car and participated in the Italian Grand Prix on the way to Cefalu (they are freaking crazy drivers).  Cefalu is a beautiful town, highly recommend it for a stay; relaxed, great beach and wicked piazza for the mandatory late afternoon apéritif.  Fanged around the north eastern tip, waved to the toe of the boot on the way past, spent a night in touristy Taormina and now in Syracuse for a week.  I think we are going to like it here…  Some snaps of life in Cefalu.

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