Arrivederci Sicilia

We leave you with great sadness Sicily. We loved your rustic Italian style, your food; mamma mia – the seafood (when Jeasus did that cool shit with the fish, I’m sure they must have been Anchovies), the fresh produce, the simplicity in your cooking – molto bene!  Your people are welcoming, your towns are beautiful, your history is deep, the markets are inspiring – going back? “Totes Bro”!

Back at London Heathrow now, we threw the kids onto a flight back to New Zealand last night (by themselves, all the way, great parenting) and about to jump on a flight ourselves to pick up the Land Rover in Iceland.  Being reunited with Gabby will be cause for great festivities.  I’ve missed her!  So after we’ve paid thousands of króna in airport parking fees when we arrive, we’ve got a couple of days to drive the 700 something km’s along the south east coast to make our 3 day ferry trip back to Denmark.  This would all be fine if my wife hadn’t broken a couple of ribs in Sicily…  Mind the bumps!  Back to the cold rainy days of Iceland we go.  Some photographic thoughts on Sicily.

Life in and around Siracusa:

The markets of Catania:

8 Comments on “Arrivederci Sicilia

  1. Ouch…… I hope you have great painkillers Jac? Love the photos. Thanks for sharing


  2. Painful news Jacqui! Must be torture when you cough or sneeze. Enjoy the rest of the trip. xxx Diana and Toby


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