Eating the icons of Iceland

Iceland prides itself on key tourist attractions that bring over a million visitors to the island every summer.  Sure there are the glaciers, the amazing sceanery etc etc, but they also sell the hell out of some other must-see assets; namely the whales, the puffins, the reindeer…  and I’ve eaten them all.  Let’s review some of these non-PC eats:

  • Puffin – usually caught in a net (bit like a lacrosse game) and smoked.  Okay, but would like to try it grilled.
  • Whale – I assume these are still barbarically harpooned like Moby Dick.  Tried the blubber (interesting) and the meat cooked like a rare steak (incredible).  If I could sumggle some of this home in my suitcase I would – but I suspect that’s illegal.  It’s amazing.
  • Horse – the famous Icelandic horse served as a steak is considered a delicacy.  I agree with them.  We did drop into a farm where there was a riding demo for the tourist buses.  And yes, they were serving horse for lunch – actually.  I didn’t want to know how they dispatched the horse prior to grilling.
  • Reindeer – shot, just like at home.  And it tastes just like wild deer.  Excellent.  Tried it in a burger, a steak and as carpaccio.  Not sure how the presents will be deleivered this Christmas.
  • Other weird shit – codfish gullets (glutinous and yummy), fermented shark (eye wateringly hideous), and wild goose (best goose I’ve ever eaten).

We leave you now Iceland, thank you for having us, we loved your country.  Time for some haggis and single malts me thinks.  Yum.

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