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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Only 6 weeks to go before we head off.  17 days sailing on Amandira from Mayo Island near Bali, finishing 1200 nautical miles later in Sorong, West Papua.  After sailing through the Komodo National Park, we head eastward towards Maumere and Alor to start some world-class diving in warm 30 degree, crystal clear waters abundant with marine life. From there we hit the volcanic region near Maumere, on the east end of Flores island.  It’s… Read More

I’m going a bit off-piste with this post, but it’s just too much of a good story not to share – I’ve decided to try being a vegan for a month. “Why” is a good question to be asking right now!  Perhaps it was the movie “What the Health” we watched last week (its on Netflix).  Perhaps it’s the mounting evidence that eating meat and dairy is slowly killing us.  Perhaps its because… Read More