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Monthly Archives: August 2016

We asked for an adventure; a volcano in Iceland?  Are they for real?  What more could you want!  Click here for the ITV news article.  

4 days in London, a trip to Maidenhead to inspect and sign over the Land Rover (Gabriella!), shopping forced upon us by the kids (relief medication applied in local pubs), a couple of nice runs around the city – but now it’s time to leave.  London has been experiencing a “heatwave” and we all know that just makes the place smell, especially the tubes…  Perhaps I’m getting old but I think London… Read More

D-day has arrived. We are sitting at Auckland airport waiting to depart.  6 bags of gear, several hectic days at work (the pleasure in closing my laptop this morning was immense), 3 children, Land Rover will be ready to collect (still no insurance! Sat phone obviously has no sway), crap sleep last night and Iceland is waiting.  No wonder I drink.  But, the adventure has started!  Adios amigos. Footnote postscript: the direct… Read More

This trip is legend – its giving us an excuse to buy all the cool shit we’ve ever wanted.  Latest acquisition, a new camera to record the epic expedition.  The Canon 5D with a 24 – 70mm F2.8 lens.  Flash bro, now I feel like a National Geographic photographer.  Another one of my fantasies.  Oh but so many buttons and so little time.  Now all I need is for my wife to read… Read More

I’m in love with another woman…  Now that is a cool Land Rover!  Two weeks to go until collection date. The list of things to get done seems to be getting longer?  We are all super excited about the trip and can’t wait to get on that plane. We feel a bit like kids on Christmas Eve – oh, don’t they eat reindeer in Iceland? Best we don’t tell the kids they’ll be… Read More

Can you hear me, Major Tom?  Well you can now!  I think you become a real adventurer when you own a satellite phone.  Finally, I’ve made it.  Just got the Iridium Extreme.  I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited about it.  The only reason I’ll need it is because we are completely in the crap!  Bugger, that’s taken all the fun out of it.  Still, I own a sat phone.  I’m… Read More