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Monthly Archives: January 2017

It’s kinda funny. We travel the world hunting down great adventures, amazing places and new experiences. Sometimes we forget the backyard, and what we have here in our little country that the rest of the world craves.  It’s pretty safe here, we have a good life, Donald doesn’t live here, the bad guys don’t even know where we are (yet, including Donald) – and it’s beautiful. So I thought I’d share my… Read More

It’s time to start planning again. Watched a Rick Stein show on Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Northern Greece. It looks good. Great people, food looks spectacular; it smells like an adventure in the making. And it’s heading in the right direction. I feel a plan coming on, a cunning plan indeed. In the interim, there’s been a couple of adventures to keep the soul fed back home; the Land Rover Discovery (the… Read More

We leave you with a smile on our faces Scotland. Thank you for having us.  We discovered some beautiful landscapes, some great people and a few items ticked off the bucket list: Haggis and black pudding – delicious. Wonderful seafood – fish, oysters, langoustine, lobsters, crab, Shetland mussels. Other game delights – venison, pigeon, duck, partridge, hare, ox tongue. Found the MacPherson clan home, kilt in their colours ordered! The whiskey, what… Read More