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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Gabby has been born. Even now I can see that she will be a thing of great beauty.  Clearly she still has some work to be done, but the cosmetic surgeons are onto it.  There’s some fine tuning to be done under the hood, a nip here, a tuck there; some attention to the back end and the diff – but overall the bodywork is well underway. Finishing school will complete the… Read More

Mild panic is starting to set in.  It’s only a month until we fly out of Auckland with Emirates on August 24th through to London.  We’ll spend a couple of nights there before heading up to Nene Overland in Peterborough to pick up Gabriella (the Land Rover) on the 29th. Okay, I don’t have formal approval for the name but Gabby just seems to work!  Time will tell (and so will my wife). Three… Read More

It’s easy, a bottle of wine, a snifter of scotch (nectar from the lap of the Gods according to my grandmother), a highlighter and another printout of a map. We love Google, a lot.  Iceland; sorted. What could possibly go wrong? Collect the Defender from Nene Overland in the UK week of August 29, 2016 Depart Hirtshals Denmark 03 September, 2016 (car ferry). Arrive Seydisfjordur Iceland 06 September, 2016. Side trip for a week… Read More

Oh boy, this is exciting.  We needed a wagon that would stand the test of many miles and many many countries! There was only one choice; a Land Rover Defender 110 modified into the hell expedition wagon. We’ve just purchased the base vehicle (photo below) from Nene Overland in the UK and they have about a month of work to do on it to get it ready for The Long Way Round journey…. Read More

We spent a lot of time on this.  We printed out a world map a drew a line on it.  What a plan…  Phase one of the trip will be to arrive in the UK late August 2016, collect the “beast” (more to come on this) and head to Iceland.  We’ll stop in at the Faroe Islands on the way back to Europe then head south through France for a lap around Spain.  From there… Read More

The idea came to us on a cold night – 10 June 2016 – it was supposed to be a movie night.  The quick drink at The Blue Door in Arrowtown soon transformed into a tequila fuelled visionary moment: “let’s buy a Land Rover in the UK and drive around the world”. Crazy – thanks Blue Door.  The journey had begun, but I don’t think either of us had any idea how quickly things would… Read More

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