Sailing Yacht Coco


There are 3 types of roads in Iceland.  The red roads: these are the main highways.  Sealed.  The yellow roads: theses can be sealed or not, but generally drivable.  Then there are the white roads.  To be clear, I use the term “road” loosely, very loosely.  In true Icelandic style, half of these roads are not even marked on the map.  They are goat tracks at best.  So when my navigator (aka… Read More

Not much more to say.  This just sums up the last couple of days perfectly…

Yep, it’s confirmed.  They do actually shoot reindeer in Iceland.  Approx 6,000 total population and they nail around 1300 of them every year (bring on the Blitzen Burger).  I met a guy who had just contributed to this “population control”.  And yes, for the record, I have tried it. The sensitive side of me would suggest to you that I am appalled with this abuse of Santa’s little sleigh pullers.  But I’m… Read More

Who would have thought.  Second night in Iceland and we get treated to the Northern Lights.  What an experience.  They move and wander across the sky like celestial snakes.  We didn’t expect to see them on the Northeast coast so the 1am wandering was worth missing sleep for.

Wow.  I thought New Zealand owned raw natural beauty.  Move over.  Iceland is spectacular.  Awesome fiords, incredible waterfalls, alien like highlands, ruggered mountains, colours that change by the minute and a coastline that would make a Viking turn in his grave.  Wrap this up with some moody and very unpredictable weather and you end up with an island that takes your breath away. And we are only two days in.  Landed at… Read More

This place is beautiful.  Raw, dramatic, moody landscape.  I can’t imagine how hard life is here.  Especially in the winter!  It was totally worth the 4:30am start to see such an awesome part of the world.  We headed straight to the northern part of the second largest island, Eysturoy.  Through the early morning gloom the most wonderful landscape appeared.  The village of Gjogv was a our first stop on the northeast tip… Read More

We made the boat!  It’s great to be here after all the planning and organisation; plus a fair bit of travel.  One day in, half way to the Faroe Islands, just off the coast of the Shetland Islands.  We can actually get the Landie off when we arrive at the Faroe’s around 5am tomorrow and we’ll have about 6 hours to have a quick look around before we re-board and continue to… Read More

4 days in London, a trip to Maidenhead to inspect and sign over the Land Rover (Gabriella!), shopping forced upon us by the kids (relief medication applied in local pubs), a couple of nice runs around the city – but now it’s time to leave.  London has been experiencing a “heatwave” and we all know that just makes the place smell, especially the tubes…  Perhaps I’m getting old but I think London… Read More

I’m in love with another woman…  Now that is a cool Land Rover!  Two weeks to go until collection date. The list of things to get done seems to be getting longer?  We are all super excited about the trip and can’t wait to get on that plane. We feel a bit like kids on Christmas Eve – oh, don’t they eat reindeer in Iceland? Best we don’t tell the kids they’ll be… Read More

It’s easy, a bottle of wine, a snifter of scotch (nectar from the lap of the Gods according to my grandmother), a highlighter and another printout of a map. We love Google, a lot.  Iceland; sorted. What could possibly go wrong? Collect the Defender from Nene Overland in the UK week of August 29, 2016 Depart Hirtshals Denmark 03 September, 2016 (car ferry). Arrive Seydisfjordur Iceland 06 September, 2016. Side trip for a week… Read More

We spent a lot of time on this.  We printed out a world map a drew a line on it.  What a plan…  Phase one of the trip will be to arrive in the UK late August 2016, collect the “beast” (more to come on this) and head to Iceland.  We’ll stop in at the Faroe Islands on the way back to Europe then head south through France for a lap around Spain.  From there… Read More